Why Blue-Max® is a Better Boiler Gasket

  • Zero Leakage under Pressure.

Even the slightest leakage is too much, as it increases maintenance and reduces boiler life. Tests by major boiler manufacturers confirm that Blue-Max® gaskets seal-with zero leakage-on steam to 450 psi and on cold-water hydro tests to 1500 psi. And Blue-Max® withstands working temperatures up to 500°F. Rubber gaskets simply can’t take that kind of pressure and heat.

  • Easily Removed.

Blue-Max® gaskets will not stick to the plate after being in service. Removal is easy and requires no chiseling or buffing. This is important in reducing maintenance costs and boiler downtime.

  • Sizes Clearly Marked.

Each gasket is permanently and clearly marked with its size, so you’ll know immediately that you have the appropriate one.

  • Easy Problem-Free Installation.

Blue-Max® gaskets offer installation advantages over other types. Because of the material’s construction and strength, there is no danger of over-tightening the gasket and cutting it in half. A Blue-Max® gasket naturally lays flat on the flange, and requires no special installation tools, procedures, or training. Simply install the gasket and crank it down.

  • Interchangeable Sizes.

Corresponding obround and oval sizes are interchangeable, thanks to the unique properties of the material. It is not necessary to stock separate gaskets to accommodate slight size variations, and chances of dangerous mismatch are thereby reduced.

  • Maximum Sealing in Rough Surfaces.

Rough and pitted surfaces on old or poorly maintained flanges pose no problem for a Blue-Max® gasket. The material is resilient enough to conform perfectly to surface topography and maintain the tightest possible seal.

  • Chemical-Resistant.

The proprietary Teflon coating is resistant to the chemicals used in treating boiler water, so gasket life will be longer.

  • Extended Shelf Life.

A Blue-Max® gasket won’t dry out or lose its strength while it sits on the shelf.